At BVM, Inc., we understand that business office needs change over time. Whether you need to update your current space or are moving into a new space, chances are you will need to custom your space. Creating a warm and inviting environment increases productivity and provides a positive atmosphere for your workplace.

Listed below are some ideas to consider when planning your tenant improvement project:

Floor Plan – Creating large open spaces instead of multiple closed offices is now a trend that promotes communication and collaboration.

Soundproofing – With an open floor plan, the noise level increases. To reduce noise, think about upgrading the ceiling tile or adding additional partial walls to absorb noises.

Conference rooms – How do you use your conference room? Is the size and space what you need to talk with clients/employees?

Maximizing daylight – With longer hours at work, creating a comfortable pleasant environment using daylight is becoming a necessary feature.

Egress Points – How many egress points do you currently have? Creating multiple egress points gives your employees several options to easily move within the office and splits up the space as well.

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