At BVM, Inc., we know that finding the right contractor for your remodeling project can be a difficult task and you need to ask the right questions to ensure you have excitement over your remodeling project instead of frustration. Our dedicated team of home remodeling specialists are experts in working with you for remodeling your kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Listed below are the top 10 most important questions to ask:

1. How long have you been in business? – The answer should include long enough to have over ten references and a proven track record.

2. Are you licensed? – The answer should be yes, so you have a company licensed by the state.

3. Can I see your certificate of insurance? – The answer should be yes to prove the company is insured.

4. Will you obtain all permits and set up inspections necessary to complete this remodel? – The answer should be yes when needed, not all jobs require permits or inspections.

5. What steps will you take to protect my property? – The answer should be reasonable measures are put in place such as covering furniture and surfaces in work areas, wearing shoe coverings when entering the house and closing or locking doors as necessary when entering or leaving the work area.

6. What is the projected timeline for this remodel? – The answer should be a specific amount time of time with time built in for unexpected issues.

7. What is the payment schedule? – The answer should be based upon completed stages of the remodeling project, never the full price upfront.

8. How will additional charges be dealt with? – The answer should be that no money will be spent that is not included in the specified budget without first gaining approval.

9. How do we resolve any disagreements? – The answer should be the contractor and homeowner have a solid line of communication to address any issues as they arise and not let them stack up.

10. 10. How will you clean up at the end of each day? – The answer should be the crew on site will do an end-of-day clean up whether the remodel lasts several days or weeks.

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