At BVM, Inc., we understand the different obstacles and details of commercial construction projects and what strategies need to be in place for a successful project. Our commercial construction building process includes the following areas to ensure we deliver quality building at each phase:

Communication – We create a communication flow that allows the labor, foreman, suppliers and project manager to stay up-to-date with each other to ensure each phase is going according to plan and addressing obstacles as they arise.

Planning – Proper planning is a critical element for each commercial construction project. Our project planning includes details that encompass the site location, scope of project and realistic goals based upon the goals and plans from the architect and the client.

Design – The design is created from an initial concept that is based upon the functionality, budget and timeframe of the project. Our design teams review the details of what is needed to accomplish each of these goals.

Cost Monitoring – From the beginning our plans include creating a realistic budget with contingencies built-in so we stay on-track and with-in budget.

Quality Control – Each phase of the project utilizes the primary communication flow to ensure high quality is being delivered.

BVM, Inc. offers and delivers high quality commercial construction services on each project. Contact us today at 714.632.9420 and let us assist you with your commercial construction project.