At BVM, Inc., we understand that building your dream home from the ground up is one of the biggest decisions you may ever make as a homeowner. With over 35 years of custom home building experience, we have the knowledge and skills to guide you through the process smoothly.

Listed below are 9 key steps to think about when building your custom home:

1. Planning – Create the concept of what you would like in your custom home. What type of features, where it will be located and the general concept of your new home?

2. Finances – When looking to create your budget for your new home, remember to include the cost of the land, cost of the home and any site improvements to create the view you seek.

3. Market Trends – Take a minute to review the latest housing statistics for designs, lumber and framing trends.

4. Type of Home – Deciding whether you want ranch, cape cod, two-story home is critical. Consider if you want your house to age with you.

5. Neighborhood – Where you want to live is very important. Do you want a country setting or traditional subdivision?

6. Perfect Lot – Based upon what type of home you choose, the lot size, direction it faces, morning or afternoon sun, or special view factor into your lot.

7. Design Plan – Building on the type of home, what is your wish list of features? What key features do you need for your lifestyle?

8. Contractor – As with any construction, review past work and get references. BVM, Inc. has over 35 years of experience with satisfied custom home building customers.

9. Patience and Understanding – With any construction project there are nature delays, and unforeseen issues. At BVM, Inc., we keep you informed and help you keep things in perspective for a successful build.

Contact BVM, Inc. today at 714.632.9420 and let us start the process in building your dream home.