With over 30 years of expertise in commercial construction and general contracting services, BVM, Inc. offers exceptional service for building owners, investors and property management companies. Our proven process allows us to guide each client in making the most out of their investment properties.

How we do it!

• We begin each project by determining the client’s needs through in-depth planning involving work flow, space planning, safety, future growth and cash flow. This allows us to start off on the right foot by encompassing the elements needed before we design your project.

• Our project management team meets with the entire team to review construction goals, researches similar facilities and their operations, reviews compliance regulations, performs building code analysis and reviews planning for future growth.

• Once we have formalized the scope of the project, we work with each client on creating a realistic budget that allows for additional budget considerations (i.e. interior décor), inclusion of approximately 10% overruns, and specific budget controls and/or lease negotiations. The scope has been completed, the budget has been compiled, now it is time to get the plans created on paper and approved by hiring an architect to get started on this project.

• Plans approved, now our construction phase involves minimizing down time, working around company schedules, pro-active management of the project to stay on track and keeping review card up-to-date with city inspectors. The completion phase of the project allows us to create and review a final checklist with each client and ensure that all work was completed and passes this final inspection.

Take a look at some of the commercial projects we have recently completed.