With open floor plans no longer a trend, but a desired staple design, BVM, Inc. offers key benefits on why you should consider this for your home.

Key Benefits

1. Offers more natural light that helps to increase productivity and enhance your mood.

2. Removes visual barriers and that closed in feeling.

3. Connects indoor and outdoor space allowing you to expand your living space.

4. Allows you to take advantage of all usable space and helps your home feel bigger.

5. Ideal for entertaining as your guests can easily mingle and connect.

6. Increases flexibility on different options of how to use the space in your home.

7. Perfect for classic modern kitchens to create the family “hub”.

8. Encourages close-knit connections by connecting people and the whole house.

9. Offers the biggest return on investment and value added to the home.

10. With fewer walls the home has great sight lines from anywhere you look.

11. Increases air flow as there are less walls to constrict the flow for heating and cooling.

12. Great for enjoying the home for your golden years, your home grows with you.

13. Ability to create distinct areas in your basement for storage, play and more.

14. Safety for keeping your eye on your little ones as you are in the kitchen or living room.

15. Ability to create a stunning and beautiful flow customized for your needs.

Are you ready to get started on your open floor plan? Contact BVM, Inc. today at 714-632-9420 and tell us what you are imagining.